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Horse Leg Protection Horse Fly Boots & More | MHS & More LLC | United States

                 American made Horse Leggings and

                 Hock Protection for the sore hocks!

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"Sassari" horse leggings are excellent to protect a wound from dust and unwanted debris!

"Sassari" horse leggings are NOT lined, therefore great for trail rides and fetlock protection!

"Sassari" horse leggings are an unbeatable lower leg fly protection, 100% guaranteed

by MHS & More LLC


HOCKSMILE for the ongoing forever hock trouble, we offer you an effective way to increase the healing process. NO DANGEROUS hardware attached to the HockSmiles, just wrap around, attach the elastic 

loop to the hook and that's it!


* Provide 80/90% UV ray protection!

* Guaranteed NO sagging when following the instructions!

* Excellent air ventilation because of the open front!

* Very soft thick lining!

* Very flexible!

* Sizes to pick from!



















































Note from buyer


"Ordering again so I can have a pair ready for next year. After wearing them the whole summer they are beaten up but still on and doing their job.

I have used several kinds of fly boots and these are the best! Easy off and on, and great fly protection.


Thank you for making such a great and clever product."

Sassari Fly Boots





simply wrap around!


Measure the circumferences of the hock and order your set of


When you  encounter this,

you better take action!

Please understand, custom made HockSmiles are NOT eligible for returns!

HockSmiles are made for the easy-going horse having NO physical hock issues.

Hock deformed physically challenged horses are NOT suitable for HockSmiles,

NO custom orders will be excepted! 


Why has the HockSmile such a sharp angle?


When the horse hock is damaged you would like to give the wound as much freedom as possible which improves the healing process. 
Because of the sharp angle the horse hock never touches the fabric, that's what we want!

"Susane M.Portland OR.


Incredible sturdy, item as described, works when tight & snug

attached, won't sag down.

Will buy them again"

"Karin G. Colorado Springs CO
Great item, yes need snug and tied attached.
Thank you for this clever idea"

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